The very first complete Jira Daily Standups plugin

Supports custom notes, standups history and automates attaching issues to standups by the resolution date.

Integrated with projects

Give your teams options to have standups in one place and one place only.

Automated issue attaching

Your teams did their job, worked hard. Now’s the time to show it. We attach resolved issues to every standup.

Made by scrum masters

Been there, done that. We know that to run an effective standups you’ve got to have everything prepared. And we do it for with you. For you.

Standup reports directly in your project

Roadmap, backlog, Confluence items, Project settings and Standup reports!
Yes, finally the Jira addon you were missing.

Jira standup reports directly in your project

Multi-timezone by default

Whereas you live today, somebody's having tomorrow. This timezone difference should not be an obstacle in teamwork.

Programmers daily standup slack

History forever

We don't limit history of standups so you can access your data any time.

Daily scrum through Slack
Ready to finally put standup meetings where they belong?
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